Here we go! 🚀 My first post on medium. It’s quite a bit but hopefully worth it, especially if you’re a PM. Looking forward to your honest feedback.

Why I developed my own roadmap format

There are tons of roadmap formats which vary from feature lists over release plans in the form of timeline-focused GANTT charts to high-level Kanban boards with only problems and opportunities. Each of them has its benefits. However, for me none of them nailed it. Thus, I developed my own hybrid version that tries to combine most benefits of the different approaches.

Disclaimer: I don’t refer to a public product roadmap which you…

Here we go again! 🚀 My second post on medium. It’s about one of the most important strategic assets from my perspective. Can’t wait to hear your honest feedback, especially if you already have some experience with the VPC.

How I realized that my colleagues and I were not supporting our customers as well as we should be

😳 Let’s kick off this article with a provoking statement: The majority of PMs (and also many other key business drivers) are not aware of their customers’ core needs and don’t know how their companies satisfy those. Instead, they spend way too much time thinking about how to fix low-level issues. How come?

A mind changing project

Let me give you some background to explain…

I received nice feedback from Lynette who successfully tried out the template. She tweaked the themes a bit and added confidence levels to the magic estimation. Cool idea 💡

For those who also tried it, please share your experiences and let me know how you further improved the format.

Hey all,

thanks a lot for your feedback. 🤩

Sure, happy to share the template:

I'll send you the password on LinkedIn as this is currently part of the Homeday Miro universe. If you haven't received the password yet, please contact me .

Feel free to copy and modify it to your needs. Would be cool to hear what you changed and how that improved your work with it.

Disclaimer: I haven't found a good way to circumvent the manual copy pasting effort. Would be cool to find a tool that brings this into a stable template. I'll post it here as soon as I find something suitable.

Jan-Henrik Franetzki

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