03 | Mastering strategy: How to uncover the logic of success and complete your diagnosis

Jan-Henrik Stocker
7 min readAug 13

3️⃣✨ 🚀 Welcome to the third article of my strategy series!

🏆 ‍🕵🏼 How do we find the holy grail of business success?
Do you just have to wait for that Heureka moment to come or can you also get there systematically? I am firmly convinced that it is the latter.

In this article, we’ll dive into helpful techniques you can use to identify the key levers to succeed in your market and beat out the competition.

🔙 Where we came from

Just to bring you up to speed where we stand in the strategy process. First, we covered the core elements of a good strategy from my point of view:

A coherent diagnosis, actionable guardrails, a (product) vision, KPIs, and a Long-Term Company Roadmap.

Then, we’ve discussed how to approach research to lay the foundation for a coherent diagnosis. Now, its time to combine the research results und uncover the logic of success – if you ask me, that the most exciting part. 🤩

👀 What we’ll cover in this article

  1. The type of frameworks you need to condense your research
  2. Three killer frameworks for uncovering the logic of success
    2.1 Causal Loop Networks
    2.2 Fly wheels
    2.3 The Hedgehog Concept

🤷🏻‍♂️ The type of frameworks you need to condense your research

Now that you have thoroughly researched and gathered information (on customers, competitors, regulations, technologies, and social and environmental factors, etc.), you need to stich these all together and identify key patterns.

It does not really matter which framework you used to structure your research (Porter’s Five Force, PESTEL, Value Proposition Canvas, etc.). In the end, it’s gonna be a lot of information, some left over blind spots and probably not a good clue of how to bring it all together and carve out the key patterns – in the end, you want to craft a crisp and compelling strategy to the entire company.

The frameworks you choose for this step should help you with two things:

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